Kromdraai’s Best Milling was established in the Free State in 1998 as a small family business on a farm. The aim was to add value to the wheat that the family produced. In 1999, the mill relocated to Frankfort, also in the Free State, where it has been operating ever since.

Originally, the milling operations produced stone ground flour, and had a small capacity that was barely sufficient to supply five small towns in the vicinity. After conducting a flour quality market survey, the owners found that the stone grinding process was not right for their market, and decided to install an industry-standard conventional roller milling system. This led to a massive improvement in the quality of the flour, as well as an increased capacity, which allowed for an expanded distribution area.

With a fierce dedication and growing experience in the milling market, the family embarked on a process of intensive research. Through this, they ultimately realised that they could significantly improve on the quality of the flour supplied by the conventional milling system. Therefore, in 2004, they changed the conventional system that was being used to a complete Peri-Tec debranning milling system. These have been used in the United Kingdom for more than 50 years, and some of the biggest bakeries in the UK will only buy flour produced with the system for their superior confectionary and bread lines.

This new, more advanced milling system meant that Kromdraai was able to supply a high-performance flour of consistent quality. Their newly increased capacity, coupled with the superior quality of this flour extended the company’s geographical reach and led to a massive expansion of their market share in Africa. Due to this, Kromdraai currently supplies some of the biggest wholesalers, retail chains, independents, as well as a wide spectrum of bakeries.

Kromdraai’s Best Milling is currently the biggest Peri-Tec mill on the African continent, with the most advanced milling facilities, premix facilities, and self-owned bakeries. With advanced laboratory analysis systems to monitor quality and consistency, and a fleet of trucks for fast deliveries, Kromdraai’s Best Milling offers a unique and complete solution to the South African flour market.

Most of all though, Kromdraai is a very proud family business and, as the biggest employer in the Mafube district, it takes an active interest in the community. The same enthusiasm and dedication with which it takes care of its employees is also applied to providing outstanding service and exceptional quality to clients. After all, Kromdraai believes that ‘Success is Quality and People.’

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